Angles ( Camera Lens)

What if we switched up the angles on people to see them in a different light - Jason Powell

What if we saw people through camera lenses would we then see a better them? A camera lens can make any scenery beautiful but is it a case where it wasn’t beautiful before ? No. Taking pictures creates the perfect angles for us to see the beauty. The picture above illustrates this perfectly some may know where it is and others will be awed when I reveal where to prove my point.

What if our eyes were camera lenses we would switch angles on people to see their beauty or would we just continue in our judgemental ways. Humans have a crazy way of seeing beauty in nature but don’t see beauty in one another but we are nature so why the dissonance. It’s crazy to think how we can see nature by how breathtaking it is, it’s aura is immaculate, if we even saw humans as half of that our would be able to generate love and peace in immense volumes.

Different angles create different perspectives, we are all guilty of seeing one perspective to people. From my experience it was a judgement I made that brought me to the realisation of where I went wrong in the viewing of a person who had nothing but good nature about him but what did I perceive upon seeing him, I’m ashamed to say, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks after I took that picture at hellshire angled for beauty what if I changed the angle I viewed people maybe then I’d be able to see the beauty they emulate. For what it’s worth its a lesson we could all use.

See people for what they are worth from the angles they deserve, we should all switch our gaze to camera lenses always looking for the perfect angle in people.

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