What is NGOTech’s Impulse4Humanity Initiative?

NGOTechnologies’ main goal is to create a lasting infrastructure and legacy of hope in poverty-ridden communities across the world through innovative platforms that increase pre-existing capabilities. Through funds collected from clients and projects, NGOTech works to break the cycle poverty creates for underprivileged communities and provide sustainable technology to these communities across the world.

But what does NGOTech do to really make a difference? Here is one of the company’s many initiatives for change: Impulse4Humanity.

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Credit: Banglakids

In Bangladesh, too many children lack vital resources — even access — to education. With I4H, NGOTechnologies is working to bring that access to under privileged children across that nation. The first step is with the distribution of a DVD curriculum. This will allow children easy access to knowledge they would otherwise lack. The next step is the creation and magement of a school, where children can come and actively engage with students and staff. Along the way, we are raising funds to donate laptops to these children.

For the people at NGO Technologies, helping others is a massive part of why they do what they do. When it comes to financial struggles, short term solutions do not even make a dent in the real problems. The staff at NGOTech strive to tackle problems that lead to economic distress to solve problems head-on.

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CEO of NGOTechnologies, a company dedicated to providing people in need the resources to get them out of poverty.

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