Reducing Pollution By Using Nano-materials

Nano-materials are being looked into to help reduce the pollution of our world. They are very good when it comes to absorbing toxic gas such as Carbon dioxide and turning it into useful materials as well as disposing of organic materials.

The big challenge that we face, is to make nano-materials less costly for large and commercial use. According to Arun Chattopadhyay who is a member of the chemistry team in the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati “ Nanomaterials could help us mitigate pollution. They are efficient catalysts and mostly recyclable. Now, they have to become economical for commercialization and better to replace present-day technologies completely”

When hearing of how amazing nano-material is we think to ourselves “What’s the catch?…”. Well, besides the fact that it costs your first born child and your right arm to make them commercially available, we also do not know what the long term effects of nano-materials are.

Knowing humanity, i know we will find out a way to make them commercially available while discovering and preventing any long term effects as well, because we can do anything.

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