Endless days — a resurrection poem

O Lord, O Lord, our God,
you hammered death
and shattered the stronghold
of our captors. You bore us
to victory at your side.
Breath was yours to give,
to breathe in our beginning,
and breathe out your endless praise.
When we walked together
in the shade of our Eden,
 for endless days
we hung on every word
— save one.
Breaking with you, our days end
wandering as refugees
in moldering places. We grieved
but soon forgot. But you,
O faithful friend, have loved us
 for endless days.
Now our one way crossing,
too dearly bought, is paid in full.
You purchased our return
and our exile is ended.
Your light dawns in us — 
a thousand suns ablaze
captivated by the one Son
who rose to save us all.
We who were dead, shout praise
to the resurrected one
whose breath bestows new life
 for endless days.

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