My experience as a woman in advertising, in two parts
heidi hackemer

Heidi, thanks for writing this. The things you bring into the light and the responses you propose to change the future are extremely important—because things are not alright the way they are. What baffles me increasingly is that seeing humanity in other people seems to be far too rare. In my communications and design work with a nonprofit we’re constantly encountering situations of oppression in communities around the world, and most of it is subtle. It seems to stem (as far as I can see) from some core belief that some group of people are not human in some way or another. Differences are accentuated and commonalities unseen to a degree that allows for thoughts, beliefs and actions that alienate, or worse. We find ourselves looking for people we call “invisible”… the ones society seems to be overlooking. Coming alongside them becomes a focus of our work, and they provide a powerful window into what’s not working in that community. I want to understand and find ways to “re-wire” that kind of thinking. Keep believing in a better world, and seeking to see it emerge. I, too, believe we can find a better, thriving, collaborative future. Ride on…

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