Research has shown that Vitamin C decreased by 10–90% during the canning of various vegetables.
Organic: I Don’t Buy It. Should You?
Nate Littlewood

Thank you Nate Littlewood for this great article!

What’s called Organic in the US is usually labeled as Bio or Eco in Europe.

I guess the definition would resemble most to the Whole Foods column in your table (have a look here if you’re interested:

I disagree with two things though. Canned food and heat — When cooking you heat up your food anyway so this vitamin C doesn’t really prove a point (I’m talking about non-processed canned food).

Second thing is — the title. It doesn’t suggest that you don’t buy organic because there are better options. Organic doesn’t solve much but it still is better than the non-organic industrial food and should still be the preferred choice between the two.

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