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Sure! This wasn’t meant to be a scholarly article, and the general premise of my post holds up even without this particular sentence, but it’s not hard to find plenty of supporting evidence for these statements.

Lending discrimination is still prevalent in many places…

This article cites a couple studies:

Study: Racial Discrimination In Mortgage Lending Continues To Impact African Americans, With A ‘Black’ Name Lowering One’s Credit Score By 71 Points

And then there are numerous cases of banks being sued for racial discrimination and paying big settlements. Here are a couple:

…huge wage gap between White and Black employees working the same jobs with the same education and experience

There are many studies that back this up—most are linked from this well-sourced Wikipedia entry: Racial wage gap in the United States.

This particular section gives a more complete picture than I was able to convey in this single sentence of my post—the majority of the wage gap between White and Black individuals has to do with occupation choices and individual factors, but discrimination still likely plays role.

A study conducted by Grodsky & Pager (2001) found that individual attributes, such as human capital and region, account for just more than half of the black-white wage gap, and an additional 20 percent is due to different occupational distributions between blacks and whites.[12] The remaining portion of the wage gap not accounted for by individual and occupational distribution factors is thought to be due, at least in part, to discrimination.[12]
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