Relevant to my Article: Exposing the Corona-Conspiracy

This “About Me” was originally part of Exposing the Corona-Conspiracy — The Pandemic of (Dark) Memes requires a Vaccine for Your Mind. I have moved it into a separate article because not everyone will be interested in that micro-biography. But in times where everyone and their dog has an opinion that they publish on the Internet, I think it’s important to give you a bit of perspective where I’m coming from, and why I’m doing this:

My first experience with “the Internet” was when I was around 18 and signed in to AOL as an early beta-tester, at the time they tried to enter the European market. My university degree is equivalent to Master of Computer Science (Diplom-Informatiker), and in my case, that also included a fair bit of Communication Studies (Nebenfach: Kommunikations-Wissenschaften), where I participated in lectures and seminars together with aspiring journalists (so there was an emphasis on Journalism and Mass Communication). …

The Pandemic of (Dark) Memes requires a Vaccine for Your Mind

If you believe in the narrative that the mainstream media pushes, this article probably isn’t for you. It exposes one of the darkest and most dangerous conspiracies the Western world has ever seen. A global agenda attempting to destroy our free and open societies. These are not fake news, it’s the truth, the cold hard facts. And if you’ve been on the path and have already freed your mind, you’ll know what I mean, right? RIGHT!?

That said, if you now think I’m one of those conspiracy nutcases, there may still be some value in what this text is offering. Don’t judge an article by its first paragraph. Maybe you know people who could benefit from reading this. …

Photo by Spaylia on Unsplash

In our current time, it appears as if meditation was finally entering the mainstream. There are plenty of books, articles and even apps. And many of them gain noteworthy popularity. That’s awesome!

However, meditation means different things to different people: Today, the word meditation, to most people, simply means a means to reduce stress in life. In other words, what most people today think is meditation, is merely a form of mental relaxation. …

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