Let’s Put the New Yorker back into Mariah’s Style Messaging……………Don’t you agree? image UMG/Zuma

A letter to Mariah Carey About Strategizing Her Style Message and Elevating Your Style Status July 17, 2017

Dear Mariah,

As we land in Las Vegas, after a boozy fun first class ride on Virgin and of course according to my best friends style standard, there is a shiny new black Cadillac stretch limo waiting for us, here I was to spend the next 48 hours with the best type of friends, childhood friends that really know you inside and out. So of course what show do Gen X’rs want to see to relive some old memories- but of course, Mariah Carey. Being a fashion stylist my entire career, a style message is paramount for me, and when I travel I editorialize each event and pack accordingly. And of course my two friends need to check in and be sure to have strategized their styling message. I firmly believe that what you wear sends a message to the world around you and you attract what you put out there. Style is a language, it communicates where you have been, who you are now and where you want to go. Style is a passport that can take you wherever you want to go. We are so lucky to be living in the United States where we can absolutely where anything. Well, actually now that I think about it that can be a good thing and a bad thing. But seriously, on a political note, and the zeitgeist, as women we are truly lucky to be living here in the USA and have unlimited options available to us and send a strong message. We should not take that liberty for granted.

That all being said, we got off the plane, did our limo karaoke session and headed straight to Caesars. Took photos in front of Mariah’s pictures and as an observer of style, I started to become fascinated at looking at all of the young women taking their photos in front on Mariah’s banner size photo. Every single one of the gals, whether young or old, all posed in a very strong, position- they showed attitude, power and strength. Dress code was clear to everyone: Style Message- convey strength, sexiness, and beauty. It was actually very inspiring. I mentioned it to my friends and they commented, yes “ Well , its too bad that Mariah is dressed so poorly and stuck in the past.” One thing that is not sexy is to be stuck in a style rut . And I’m sorry Mariah, my intention is not at all to insult anyone, but to inspire you. You are a gorgeous woman, with an incredible voice , incredible shape . I am your age , minus the children and I truly want you to know that I applaud you as you look truly amazing . SO that is why I implore you to re-think your styling choices and wardrobe messaging. You are a leader and that responsibility lies with being a leader in every way- your music is SO inspiring you life is SO inspiring , please send us an inspiring styling message. You have so many age groups that love you, the new generation, gen x, y, z…your style should reflect the current times. This makes you relevant. There are SO many choices out there. I have been your number one fan since you began and it’s your time to blossom and re-ignite your styling spirit! We all love you Mariah!

p.s I would be honored to work with you on creating that strong, stylish, sexy, free spirited, grown spiritual strong message, I’m absolutely serious. They say what you put out in the world is what comes to you.

So I look forward to hearing from you.

xo a fellow newyorker and with true respect for all the you represent to us!

With Style and Sincerity,

Jill Siefert