Depending on yourself makes you success.

In whole story Edhi sb uses one of Amal’s principles of progress which I like the most is “KHUDI”. He never relies on any one for doing anything. Whatever he wants to do or his mother orders him, he do it by his own. He never depends on any friend. He has the passion to help the needy people. I think all this was due to his mother which always keeps him doing voluntary works which gave him the energy of doing something every time. Parents play an important role in the development of a child so edhi sb parents played such a role which makes him a voluntary man.He gave one paisa to needy people on the order of his mother; his mother gave him brown envelope on Eid to give it to poor people. This all was due to his parents which make him a successful man in the world. He works hard not to earn money just to learn from his work. Actually he was a man of action not words. Whatever he thinks in his mind just start to do without knowing the results which takes him to learning. I like his wording of “I hate failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort. If we try to work hard just thinking of to achieve our goals so not power can stop us from getting it.From this I realized not to rely on any one, that someone going to help you. All u have to do is by yourself. The very main thing is be realistic in your life and always think for others to help them at every stage. Being a Muslim if you going to help someone definitely GOD is with you he will never leave your hand in fact will provide you with the ways. I can relate my example with edhi sb that during my studies I with my other fellows got a semester project. The time doing it was one week, daily my other fellows says tomorrow we will sit and do it, tomorrow we will sit and do it but theirs tomorrow not comes so after wasting four days I just started to work on the project by my own. I faced a little bit difficulties of being alone but I completed my project. Depending on others can make u failure.

Goal: My goal is to attain a good environment around me through plantation as plants are nature’s first air purifier. Flowers are associated with positive events and can act as a mood enhancer. The sweet smell of such flowers has a great impact on our personality. Main thing our environment has been surrounded by air pollution which is affecting our health, so plants play an important role in improving air quality. The challenge I face to do it was hope that I can do it by my own without depending on someone. I was in a think I can’t do anything without someone but I think I was wrong if you make yourself determined of doing something u can do it. I can say that u just need a effort for doing things results will be in your favor. From now onward I am going to do my each work by my own without waiting or depending on others more you face difficulty more u can leran from it.