Mentoring brings us together

“We must desire to see people rising in life, rather than looking for ways to contribute to their fall.”

“Every kid needs a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor”.

Humility is the quality of being humble. A true leader always has humility. It is through humility that a leader sees and treats everyone as equal. Without humility, a leader can turn into a despot. Humility offers a balance to the power inherent in leadership. It humanizes the leader and brings him closer to the people he leads. In the workplace, a humble leader becomes strong by earning his team’s respect and therefore their loyalty.

My mentor of life is my parents. They are true mentor for me, as they bring me from a young age to a mature age of my life. They teach me with the right learning of humility. I used to be very naughty boy with misbehave attitude but my parents each time try to learn ethics. I see them throughout my life by doing social work, helping others, sorting others issue. Whenever I get in a problem they try to sort out by giving me a lesson to learn by saying this will help you in future and really all there saying are helping me in my life. Whatever the problem is, they helped me out of it. There are a lot of stories they help me.

Once I got in some problem regarding my career which was very difficult for me to decide and I remember they managed some professional people for me to consult them regarding my careers. They taught me just to work hard, help others, have sympathy to others and behave positively if you want to success.

“There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child”.

This was me telling about myself. My whole relative has mentor which are my parents. They each time discuss things with my father as he always goes with reality and justice. Guiding everyone in a right way which makes me feel proud as I got right mentor.

Shortly each passing minute, pass with our mentor.

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