Sacrifice Results Success

There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.

No matter what goals or aspirations you might have, there is one thing certain: There is a price you must pay to get what you want in life. In fact, there is no sidestepping the fact that any type of success demands something from you. It’s simply the way life works, and rarely will shortcuts ever get you there.

After my intermediate I applied in several universities for engineering with non-serious behavior which resulted in failure of me. I didn’t got admission in any university. My mother asked me to wait and apply next year which I can’t bear as I never thought of leaving my friends, I get very much worried about all the situation, somehow has to go with my mom decision. Got a lot of discouragement and un-motivation that I am wasting my year. I will not get admission next time too. I faced all this situation painfully but carry on my path with good preparation. Really, I was not believing when I listen of my name in an engineering university. So, I learned never gets un-motivation from other just walk on your path by setting goals and you get success.

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