Time to Change…..

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. — Milton Berle

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Staying at Amal make my friends crazy to know about this.

As I keep on posting blogs and pictures of activities. Many of were trying to know about me so I luckily meet with my best friend M Qasim. We are from the same batch. He asked me about Amal fellowship. He was having a lot of question regarding his future life.

I suggest him to know with his passion and start with it in spite of moving here and there. He had no plans for PhD, so I ask him to do internship to know about his interest. Briefed him about interview skills, how to behave in an organization. Honestly, he was very much impressed by the format of resume as he was not familiar with resume format. This meeting enabled him to learn a lot and he promised to join Amal for his learning.

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