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Chaining mammoths — Odoo/PostgreSQL — 1

Coding standards, DRY Code, design patterns, version management, standardized workflow, microservices, auto deployment, scalable systems..

Dreams to achieve for hackers in the startup. While you push hard to achieve these, you spend a lot of time fixing the legacy monolith. System with infinite series of quick fixes, repeated codes and millions of lines.

Its okay to start business with battery loaded ERP system like odoo. It helps you build your application with business requirements very quickly. But over the time, its gonna be harder for you to scale the application, as majority of the computing resources will be wasted for unwanted functionalities and supporting these ‘easy to develop’ features. Make sure that you are developing optimized application parallel and have a good migration plan for existing data. …

PyCon India 2014 – Days of Future Past

Banglore cantonment station was busy as usual, Taxi wala blocking passengers with their offers. People running away not to get caught in their trap. Sreekanth, Tevin, Nidhin with me trying best for a taxi and a good bargain. Even though we were tired of the eight hour journey in an over cooled AC coach. Nuventure had already arranged all the facilities for the python team to attend the conference. Unfortunately VC and Joju had to face unpredicted issues and back out from the journey.

Train was late for 40 minutes. We had to reach Nimhans Conventional Center in 20 minutes fighting with the heavy morning traffic. Nidhin and me got our workshops scheduled to start at 9:30. …

Objects of built-in types like (int, float, bool, str, tuple, unicode) are immutable,

A Mutable object, can be mutated or state can be modified after it is created. A mutable object will have at least a single method able to mutate the object.

Objects of built-in types like (list, set, dict) are mutable, Custom classes are generally mutable. To simulate immutability in a class, one should override attribute setting and deletion to raise exceptions:

Please refer “names concept” in python, if you don’t have a clear concept on objects, identifier, variables.

A practical example to find out the mutability of object…

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A very fine day after I have decided there is no more stay at Trivandrum, thinking the things to be done before my farewell, the mobile sounded famous Sony Ericsson tune in the early morning. It was my friend studying at medal college asking for some help. The very thought ended with lot of patch works to be done with my teeth. I had got ‘not enough’ time to consult a dentist in last five years.Quickly planned for a hospital visit and told him to take an outpatient ticket. I got quickly diagnosed even though it was very rush week. If you don’t have some one there you will get an appointment three weeks later. The state of hospital was very pathos. Tools and chairs made my thoughts to travel ‘Maharaja’ age. Queue of patients resembles ‘BEVCO’ in New year eve . Senior docs sitting like crocodile. Experienced kill time by flirting. And the whole burden fell on junior students who runs towards all patients. A little girl came wearing doctor’s coat near me. I thought some doctor’s little daughter rehearsing her drama. I congratulated her for her act. She smiled and said “I am your dentist”. OMG!!! .I just sat on the chair . She brought the toolbox for the ‘Mega operation’. I have got no choice.. open my mouth, close my eyes and pray for a better afterlife. The dentist lamp is not working and I don’t know whether she has enough eyesight to be a dentist.She …

As many of the Internet Service Providers give Dynamic IP with their Internet Connections, Dynamic DNS has became an essential problem for the system administrators at Small Medium Enterprises. A Dynamic DNS Service will allow you to always direct a domain name to a computer even if your IP address changes regularly.

Dynamic DNS is used when you want to host a small website on your personal computer, when you want to access office DVR online, host your erp systems on your office server…. etc and you have got a changing IP for your office internet connection.

There were many free players in the Dyanamic DNS market till last year who provide second level dns names with their domain . Now,TZODns and many others has stopped their free services.,, etc still provide secondary level DDNS services. …

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An eve at beach would be very normal. Usual crowd, ice cream, popcorn, children etc. If you are going for some peace in mind, I am sure you won’t find it there.

Last week I had a trip to Muzhapilangad beach at Tellicherry, old city of Kannur district. Known as the longest driving beach in Asia. (According to local men, I have no proof in books or records). Well it’s about 5 kilometers in length. You can drive a small car without worries. Still quiet and peaceful and very green as natural treasure. Thank God. It is not ruined by beach development projects. Plastic wastes won’t trouble you there. I have been to many beaches in Kerala, I bet you, it’s the quietest even in rainy season. Not so frightening waves or Mini tsunamis. No red flags or rocks. Beauty is added up with freshness. Sands finish up like mirror in waves. And a small island you can walk up to, where no one lives, you can be your own Robinson Crusoe there. …


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