Choosing the Best Table Tennis Shoes for Your Game

The popularity of table tennis is increasing exponentially and, if they want to do well at the sport, players must ensure that they have the right equipment, gear, clothing and shoes. Shoes are especially important and, as they can be quite expensive, players must invest in shoes that suit them perfectly. There are many different table tennis shoe brands on the market and, in order for players to locate their perfect shoes; they should review as many of them as possible. In order to help players with this process, here is a quick overview of the different features offered by some of the leading table tennis shoe manufacturers.

One of the better known table tennis shoe manufacturers is Stiga, who market their Challenger, Master and Pro-Play shoe series. Table tennis shoes are usually manufactured from high-tech materials that promote water absorption and moisture evacuation from the shoe and Stiga’s Master series is a prime example of this technology in action. Stiga Master table tennis shoes have a toe covering made from Alumesh, which is instrumental in getting rid of excess moisture, and they also feature outer soles with tire-like patterns that help improve a player’s grip on the floor.

Grip is an extremely important factor that affects how the game is played as a player who cannot balance cannot return balls effectively. Stiga Masters also feature shock absorption technology in the form of their Stiga Shock Absorb Module and whether a shoe offers sufficient shock absorption is an area of major concern for players as the last thing they want is the stress caused by their feet constantly hitting the floor to damage their ankles.

Another of the well known table tennis shoe manufacturers is Butterfly and their Energy Force III series is a prime example of a shoe’s incorporating features that cater to players’ concerns. Joint strain is one of the most important factors that a shoe must address and the Butterfly Energy Force III’s construction includes treatment with Asics-Gel, a ‘damping pulp’ which serves to reduce the debilitating effects of the continuous impact on a player’s joints that the sport causes. Also of concern is whether or not a shoe will skid if a player puts his foot down at an angle and Butterfly has combated this problem by providing this shoe with a reinforcement system that covers the shoe’s outer edges. The shoe also features a slit tongue, which serves to hold the foot firmly in place and thus increase a player’s stability.

Adidas table tennis shoes try extremely hard to address players’ concerns about effective footwear and, as a result, are chock full of innovative technological features. A shoe’s ventilation is extremely important as feet tend to swell if they get overheated and swelling will hamper speed and performance. Adidas have therefore developed their Clima Cool metallic mesh technology to provide ample ventilation within the shoe under even the most strenuous conditions. They have also noted players’ concerns about stability, and their Torsion System, which allows the front and rear portions of the foot to move independently of each other, improves both surface adaptation and stability. Finally, as table tennis shoes need to last a long time and are put under considerable strain, they have developed their adiTUFF technology that helps prevent abrasion, particularly in the toe area, and thus extends the life of the shoe.

The above are by no means the only examples of table tennis shoe manufacturers resolving players’ concerns through the introduction of new technology and those in the market for shoes should conduct thorough research before buying a pair.

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Shoes are one of the most important tennis accessories. This is because the performance of the players is greatly affected by the footwear worn by them. Keeping this fact in mind, companies that manufacture tennis shoes, use the latest techniques and materials to make the footwear most effective.

The objective of tennis shoes is not just to provide protection to the feet of the players. They also provide necessary support, thrust and comfort that is vital for a player’s easy movement around the court. Since tennis is played on different kind of surfaces, shoes have to be in tandem with the surface requirements. Moreover, the companies have to be particular about the size and shape of a player’s feet while designing tennis shoes. Some of the companies, which sponsor top players, make exclusive shoes keeping in mind factors that can better the reflexes and responses of the player.

Among important factors to be considered in making shoes, is the fitting of a shoe. The shoe has to be such that it guarantees a gap of about half an inch between the longest toe of the wearer and the end of the shoe. Since comfort is a vital factor, the heel of the shoe has to make movement easier.

Companies that specialize in making tennis shoes are particular about giving lateral support to the shoes. Lateral support makes running on court and between sides of baseline easier and also prevents ankle injuries. The support is especially important in case of players who have a heavy built.

Cushioning in tennis shoes can be of two types, namely EVA and PU (polyurethane). The former is marked by less weight and suffers from lack of durability and stability. The latter is dense, with more stability, but is heavier in weight. Tennis shoes have to be flexible to the extent that they can bend easily at the ball of the foot.

The player should choose the right type of tennis shoes in order to experience maximum comfort while playing. There are several famous brands manufacturing tennis shoes. The prices may vary depending on the brand name and the quality of the shoes.

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