All Moms Deserve to See the World

If you’re like me, then you want to show your children the world without robbing the bank. Sometimes we limit ourselves and our desires because we think, with this income and these responsibilities there’s no way I can travel the world with my kids. Well, guess again! I’m here to tell you that if you’re open minded, persistent and faithful, then your dreams of traveling the world are possible, affordable and realistic!

Trust me, you won’t accomplish anything by constantly doubting yourself. However, when you believe that your purpose is bigger than you, then you’ll find a way to make it happen. You’ll look around and notice all the doors that begin swinging open to help you realize your dreams. How do I know that it will happen for you? It’s simple, it happened for me. If it happened for me and my two children, if you believe it will and if it’s truly what your heart desires, then it will and must happen for you.

While traveling through Europe, through 3 countries (the United Kingdom, France and Spain), 25 cities, with 2 children and learning so much, I thought there has to be a way to share all of this information with other women who desire to show their families the world. I started taking notes of everything that I thought was helpful and necessary for me to make this dream a reality. I’ve always been a person who shares information freely and a resourceful person, so I wanted to take something from my blessing and bless you.

I hope that you’re excited because I am very excited for you! Three years ago, when I originally planned to travel the world with my son, there was no information available for me to read about single mothers traveling. There was no documentation on a Black mother traveling the world with children. Now there’s so many women traveling, but there’s not much tangible information documented. There’s still so much ground to cover.

This list of 101 Travel Tips is my FREE guide to help you start to unlock everything you need to do in order to prepare for your travel breakthrough. I’m a detail oriented person, so yes there will be much more coming in conjunction with this initial preview of my travel strategies for moms who wish to see the world with their families. The links that are included are to help you gain more insight into the meaning or demonstration by the command. All hyperlinks are meant to help this dream of yours appear more real through the manifestation of mine.

Once you start to set your mind on it, then things will unfold in your favor. Soon, I’ll be publishing the complete eBook and you’ll have more in-depth information to help you learn the how’s behind some of these steps if you don’t know them already.

Download FREE eBook here: ‘Woman on the Move: A Mom’s Fearless Guide to International Travel’ by Jasira Monique

Let’s work together to help other women and children travel, see and explore the world!