Yes, yes, it’s all well and good that a new author is born.
Darin Stevenson

Since writing this response, I’ve begun to understand what you’re talking about in terms of getting your work seen. I realized recently that I don’t see much on my feed that I want to read anymore, but I know there are stories out there dying to be read, if only I could find them. Can’t use the top 20 anymore, unless I want to learn 16 ways to blah blah blah. My feed somehow always has Ev Williams face on it, leading me to believe he’s going all Chairman Mao cult of personality on us. Where the hell are the stories? Told by storytellers? I know, I know, Medium wasn’t meant for Longform, he says. Good writing is not the point of Medium, he says. 140 characters in a tweet has the ability to be “profound” he says, somehow, with a straight face. Anyway, long story short, you recognized this problem before I did and I kinda shot you down for it, and that was wrong. I was wrong. Sorry about that.

See you around. If I can find you.

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