I’ve lived with chronic pain since age 13.
Jessica Soard

Yeah, I recently received an email from someone connected with Purdue after publishing this story. Here’s what he wrote, followed by my response. I think it goes hand-in-hand with what you’re talking about. I hope you’re able to find some relief from your pain in a way that you find doesn’t harm the rest of your life. Here’s my correspondence with “Carl” who claims to work for/with Purdue.

The worst part Jason, is that you are piling on the effort to relieve pain, which has been slammed by former “patients”, trial lawyers and cops completely unaware of what distinguishes dependence from addiction — not to mention publicity seeking attorney general types. No. The worst part is the probability that someone, somewhere is going to bed tonight knowing that she is going to wake up tonight at 3:00 am in agony, that she’ll try to sleep on the floor for relief, won’t get any, wonder if life is worth it with this pain, imagine killing herself, and continue to remind herself that her doctor and even her pharmacist told her that if she took any of the Lortab he prescribed in quantities greater than he prescribed, even one, that she is an addict.
Purdue worked for those patients.

The worst part, Carl, is that any patient misdirecting his or her anger toward me is being manipulated and lied to, because that person suffering at 3 o’clock in the morning, truly in need of a drug like OxyContin — had Purdue marketed the drug to them and only them, there would be no issue. But then again, there’d be no 4000% increase in profits for Purdue either. Truth is, Purdue got greedy. Those people you describe weren’t enough for Purdue. Had Purdue marketed the drug to only those people and not lied about the dangers and true addictive nature of the drug to doctors in an attempt to get it prescribed for mild and moderate pain — had Purdue been honest from day one, then that person wouldn’t be in agony because they’d be able to get the proper pain control. No, Purdue didn’t work for those patients. They used them to get a foot in the door. Purdue let those patients down. Had Purdue not lied, and had an epidemic not sprung from that lie, then we wouldn’t be here right now having this discussion.

Like I said, keep on fighting the good fight. The Sacklers need people like you doing the legwork for them. But when it comes to believing me or believing Purdue , just remember — only one of us has never admitted to being a liar in Federal court.