Regardless whether or not it’s fiction, it pulled me in right from the get go.

Yeah man, self-promotion is my least favorite part of being a writer who pays bills by writing. Sorry it rubbed you the wrong way…. but when publishers and agents are involved, demanding you attach these things to the bottoms of your stories, and you feed your kids based partly upon how many books you sell, then you tend to give in and shamelessly self-promote. I don’t enjoy that part of the business, but I do enjoy providing for my family, so those two cancel each other out, leaving me with a book link below my stories.

But sincerely, thanks for reading! Andd as for the clock, I know. It’s too much, and were the story fiction, I would’ve left that part out because it’s just THAT far out there. But it happened. Not sure how to explain it, but it happened.