10 Songs to Prep for All-Male Meetings

Are you prepping for a meeting where you’ll be the only woman in the room?

As someone who frequently finds themselves in this position, here’s my go-to playlist to counter the bevy of emotions that you’ll have to be ready for: found here.

1. Decibels — Jidenna

“She’s a smokahontas.”

The Stanford Race & Gender studies grad coins a phrase we should all get behind.

2. Truth Hurts — Lizzo

“Yeah, I got boy problems — that’s the human in me. Then I solve ’em, that’s the goddess in me.”

Goddess, indeed.

3. Brujas — Princess Nokia

“Witchcraft, Bitchcraft.”

Are witches the ultimate feminists?

4. Bling Bling — Junglepussy

“Bling Bling, bitch. Do my own thing, bitch.”

With a name like that, I bow down.

5. Nice for What — Drake

“I been peepin what you bringing to the table.”

Drake gets all the points for featuring Rashida Jones in a video.

6. Flawless — Beyonce

“We say to girls: You can have ambition, but not too much.”

The Chimamanda Ngozi interlude is everything.

7. Miss Me — Leikeli47

“Miss me with the bullshit.”

Leikeli47 scares me and I like it.

8. Female — Sampa the Great


If this is your introduction to Sampa, contratulations.

9. Djano Jane- Janelle Monae

“We gave you life, we gave you birth, we gave you God, we gave you earth.”

Militant feminism. Yes.

10. Leaned Out — IAMDDB

“I cannot and won’t conform.”

Is it meant as a direct dig to Sheryl Sandberg? Who knows.