Marketing Message for Post Chasm Customer Segment

Value Proposition for Post chasm customer segment

· Crediwatch picks up data from 25,000 different data points while considering a lending decision — which the company claims is the highest in the industry while a bank only looks up 200 of these data points while considering decision for a loan, thus improving credit worthiness of the customer for the bank.

· It can also provide lead generation for the banks as it does for its other clients like BHIVE. Lead generation is important because the buying process has changed and marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers. They must now focus on being found and learn to build relationships
 · Investing in Technology will give customers early movers advantage

· As the universe of digital information is growing exponentially, bringing new opportunities for improved actionable customer insights, partnership with Crediwatch will help customers strengthen their data and analytics capability

· Improved cost of running background checks while lending to SME’s as Crediwatch already has humongous database comprising of proprietorships and SME’s.

Early Majority category members will adopt new ideas just before the average member of a social system. They interact frequently with peers, but are not often found holding leadership positions. As the link between Early Adopters and people late to adopt, Early Majority play an important part in the diffusion process. Their innovation-decision time is relatively longer than innovators and early adopters, since they deliberate some time before completely adopting a new idea. Seldom leading, early majority adopters willingly follow in adopting innovations.

This class of adopter is reasonably risk averse and wants to be sure that their, often more limited resources are spent wisely on products. While not being the opinion leaders in their own right- they will often be in contact with opinion leaders and use the opinions of these leaders when making their adoption decisions.

Early Majority are those people who have a problem and who know they have a problem but are not actively seeking for a solution to their problem.

Early Majority for Crediwatch

Large private and public sector banks comprises the Early Majority adopters.