What goes on in the mind of a new mother or someone who will be one in a short time is difficult to understand. The overwhelming feeling of having created a new life is an indefinable feeling. Becoming a mother is different from everything one had ever gone through previously and nothing can compete with it. From giving the best that you can to your precious bundle of joy to planning your baby’s every step in life, a new mother can only think and learn through her own experiences.

As she goes through the different phases of the new stage of her life, a new mother definitely needs to have to learn all the new techniques that are necessary for the well-being of her baby. From giving the child a comfortable bed to sleep in to providing the baby with the suitable food, everything needs a lot of love and patience. A new mother has to keep it in her mind that she won’t always be in the comfort of her home with her baby. Sometimes, when it will be necessary to go out, she has to be ready and prepared to take care that her baby is not missing out on anything, just because they are not at home.

Keeping all these thoughts in mind, we have build with the utmost care. Never not thinking about all the needs of a new mother, we have crafted each of our products out of that special love that only comes from being a new mother. The heart of Baby Jalebi lies in its research and innovation towards creating new products that merge seamlessly into your baby’s life making everything just a little more comfortable, fun and easier for the new mother and baby.

To make your experience even more exciting, we have some unique products like the baby cot set, which is extremely necessary to make your baby’s cot even more fun and playful. The bed in a bag enables you to carry a bed for your tiny one at any time anywhere. With our diaper bags, you can carry all of you and your baby’s essentials wherever you want. Made with soft breathable and 100% cotton fabrics, our products have very cheerful and versatile prints and colors to make them more fun for the little souls.