Anticipated album for March: Thundercat — ‘Drunk’ (Written: 13/02/17)

Thundercat is a master of fusion, known for sticking his multi-faceted fingers in to eclectically fruitful pies. He blends funk, soul, jazz and electronica creating a unique sound sought after by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington and Erykah Badu, the Kings and Queens of neo-soul and jazz, with whom he has had artistic collaboration over the past few years. The multi-genre producer is due to release his latest conception Drunk on the 24thof February, 2017.

It has been two years since Thundercat’s last album The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam, a darkly euphoric mix of falsettos and moody bass rifts, was unveiled. A sound quite different to album Drunk’s teaser track Show You The Way — a smooth jam created in collaboration with ‘Danger Zone’ Kenny Loggins and Doobie Brothers’ Michael McDonald. The song appears to be a joyful expression of emotional breakthrough, inviting an audience to uncover his true core, “On the edge of the dark there’s the brightest light.

Thundercat’s albums tend to be fairly conceptual; the songs bounce off and complement each other creating a vibe throughout, so I expect Drunk will follow a similar structure. If ‘Show You the Way’ is anything to go on, the album will be full of warm funky summer tunes, and will definitely be a staple this coming spring.

Release date: 24/02/17