on writing

I’ve always wanted to write. Who doesn’t?

I’ve written on blogger, Xanga, Myspace, Facebook, etc….never really kept up with anything. No confidence, and certainly no true direction….really just streams of thought…strewn together. I would write about my depression, or my family or my love life. I would write about my job, my awkward interactions with folks, what I ate. I dunno. I would write about a lot of crazy shit, really just hoping someone would listen. Just damn aimless.

Well here I am again, writing again. Trying. Doing. This time is different. Things are uncertain in life at 37. And i guess i shouldnt have it any other way. So I am deciding to write. I will take control of at least one thing in my life at the moment. Writing. I am happy about that. I have a few things to say. No promises, but here goes.

Type type type……


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