What is Enough?

So much to do,
So little to offer.

What do you do
When you want to help,
But have so little to give?

The problem is so large
That your impact will never be enough.
There is no enough.

Black-and-white thinking robs my mind:
I must fix it ALL,
Or I instead withdraw.

No matter how much I do
Injustice prevails.
Life is unfair,
And it will always be so.

Sound bleak?
This is why I seek
An answer to this question:
What is enough?

When will I have done my part?
What is my part?

“Do what you can”
I hear advised.
But how do I surmise
What that is?

It starts with something — 
One action,
A conversation.
Spread the word and you’ve done something.

When it feels like it amounts to nothing,
When it feels hopeless and overwhelming,
When you work to the bone and still see pain,
Look closer.

Small, localized impacts
Are what create larger ones.
And in the meantime,
It means the world 
To those we help.

Meanwhile, balance is key
To prevent burnout.
Self-care for resiliency 
Keeps us strong and able.

We cannot help others
If we are not okay.

So what do we do?
Do something.
Do anything.
Get started,
And know that it does make a difference.

By Jasmeen Miah
Written 8/5/17