White Light

The following is meant to be a spoken word piece, and needs more work. This is a draft that captures the essence of what I want to say. The prose needs some updating. I think in our time of discord, the message trumps (::cough::) the fact that this is unfinished.

We focus so much on our differences:
“I’m a Christian.”
“I’m a Muslim!”

We compare ourselves to no end:
“He is taller than me!”
“She is prettier than me!”

We judge each other again and again:
“She’s a corporate shill.”
“He’s too effeminate.”

We balk at what we do not understand:
“He married a man?”
“She is now a man?”

We see disparity,
Even polarity.
But really it is simply variation.

Close your eyes 
And try to surmise — 
Take away all the layers.
No job,
No gender,
No religion,
No politics,
No money.

If we let go of labels,
If we let go of defining ourselves by external domains,
What remains?

I see white light.
Bright, round spots of light.
We are all the same.
No one is bigger or brighter.
No one is moving or striving.
We are all at peace,
Equal to one another.
We are all love,
And we are all one.

By Jasmeen Miah
Written 8/4/17

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