How to Take Control of Your Week & Make Mondays More Fun

Increasing your level of productivity as an entrepreneur is one of the best methods to hack your growth. Simply put, the success of a startup is largely defined by your ability to scale,by finding and implementing strategies and tools that help you to achieve more in less time, you discover the secret weapon to unlocking more revenue.

Do you know that feeling when your weekend is about to start but you have no idea where the week went?! It happens to the best of us but I’ve found a fun way for myself to combat this. I am sure you’ll agree any people don’t like Mondays, I however, learnt that Monday mornings are a great gateway to take control and to help you nail your week.

Two years ago, I came across the concept of Monday Vision via the agile way of thinking and it empowered me to get more done in less time thanks to its laser sharp focus. Not only did it help me tremendously to achieve my sales targets and deliver project proposals in record time at Google — while completing two external certifications- but it also reminded me how important it is to consider your ‘hot spots’ outside work. As a result, my performance at work has never been better and I had barely felt so calm and on top of things before.

Let me share a quick way for you to solve this too and don’t forget to download your freebie!

  1. On Mondays, identify three (and ONLY THREE) key results you want to achieve by the end of the week (e.g. finish social media strategy for next month, create slides for presentation, create customer survey)
  2. Turn key results into compelling stories that are meaningful to you and make you feel good. Create one-liner stories!
  • Win the race to my social media strategy in record time
  • Create a presentation deck that leaves audience in awe
  • Turn existing and new customers into raving fans by finding out their needs, wants and wishes. What keeps them awake at night and how can we solve this?

2. Take your 3 key results for the week and think backwards. Identify no more than 3 daily outcomes that will help you achieve your ‘story lines’

3. Diagnose your hot spots. Take a moment to think of your life as a heat map. What’s going on in your life, at work, with your relationships?

  • Take a step back and what do you see? What do you look forward to? What worries you? The ability to spot your ‘hot spots’ in important areas of your life, will help you make better decisions and prioritisation across the board.
  • Map out your work and life hot spots. Write down the ‘big rocks’ in those areas (no need to dump all activities you have to do). Typical categories usually include: body, mind, finances, relationships, fun.
  • Once you have scanned your heat map, pick the ones that speak to you to the most which will help you invest your time and energy

Your Coach,


Let’s break it down into actionable steps :

  • Identify 3 key results you want to achieve by the end of the week.
  • Turn your key results into simple, yet compelling stories that make you feel inspired.
  • Think backwards. What do you need to do each day to achieve your 3 storylines?
  • If you have more than 3 things to do per day, add them to your daily outcomes but prioritise your most important tasks.
  • Review your hot spots map for work and personal life.
  • Ask yourself how satisfied you are with how you spend time on your relationships. What can you do to give your body more power or rest? How can I enjoy my ‘play time’?