Can Social Media Presence Increase Sales?

Lately I have gotten the question about social media and if it really can benefit sales and further more if it really gives any return on the time invested in it?

A company that has poor visibility online, has a unique (new) product offering or is lacking the right brand image can really benefit from a coherent social media strategy and social media presence. The company should be active and visible in the right and suitable social media channels for it.

Why is that?

When you are engaging with the right target audience in the beginning of the sales funnel on social media it will lead into better leads in the next step of the sales funnel. I myself as a customer think of social media as being the right place to come across a new brand, product or service and by liking or following the page of that brand I can show interest towards it even if I wouldn’t have my buying shoes on yet. When I am following the company or brand on a social media channel I am learning more about the company every time it is posting something. In that ay the company can convey its culture, product offering, service offering or about the customer experience they are offering.

On social media a company can share great content that reflects the values it wants the brand to convey. Inspiring or informative content will give your (potential) followers a better understanding of what your brand stands for. It gives the company a great opportunity to show thought leadership. It’s the best and easiest way to show your customers that you are the best company in your industry.

Social media channels work as a great inspiration channels. A company can tell about what value their product or service is bringing into the marketing in its own way. In case as a company don’t, someone else will and then you won’t be in control of your brand anymore. For instance if your company doesn’t have an Instagram account customers can post what ever pictures of your brand with # that can be and will be attached to your brand. This can of course happen even if the company has an Instagram account but at least then the posts that the company shares will be found among the few bad ones and control will be in the company’s side. It’s impossible to do anything about the social media image and word of mouth of a brand if the company is not present on social media.

Targeting the right segment

Second good point is that on social media you can easily find the right target group and also talk to them in the way they want to be talked to. If you are selling products to people who love decorating their home then Instagram is the place where most of your customers will be. When you find your audience you can engage them by finding the right tone of voice for each of your target segments in each social media channel you use. The way you interact with your target audience (followers on social media) will give the them a good idea of the way you treat them when they become your real customers.

Keep in mind that there are billions of users already worldwide on social media which means your customers are there too or at least some of them! No matter which industry you are in.

Community management

A third good point is that you will be able to communicate with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. You can build a community around the brand and get customers involved. Again a great way to keep customers talking about you and giving you feedback on what they would like to see more of. A great listening tool as well!

A nice competition around the brand on social media will involve customers more and maybe even make them more loyal to your brand in the long run. Loyal customers are always worth more than new customers.

In summary

How do you measure this in direct sales? I guess it might be vague in some cases but the main point with having social media presence is that you will be getting right kind of leads instead of (a volume of leads) like who ever who isn’t really going to buy from you or those who really don’t trust your brand and thus might cancel the sale afterwards.

Customers who trust you and your brand are more likely to buy from you in the long run which will bring in more sales.

I believe social media works well as a tool to grow sales and it’s also a way to make sure that the customer experience of the brand is in the center of the company’s strategy. Pleased leads and potential customers will convert into sales eventually because of gained trust and positive image of your brand.

Do you agree? Why not?