Hispanic Wage Gap

I mainly want to understand why there is a difference in pay for Hispanic women. Once I graduate from college will I be experiencing the wage gap as well? The wage gap is an issue in low paying jobs as well as high paying jobs. According to the article, “Latinas’ gender wage gap is worst, study finds,” Katie Johnson states that Hispanic women that work in the customer service department make 56 percent of what men make. Johnson also mentions that the white women that are in the same field make 83 percent of what men make. Is there a reasonable explanation as to why ethnicity is involved with salary?


As I mentioned previously, many Hispanic women are beginning to avoid majoring in certain areas because of the wage gap. Is this really how Hispanic women should be living; should we limit ourselves because of some companies having problems paying everyone an equal salary? Certain departments encourage women of all ethnicities to apply/ participate, yet those departments don’t offer the same amount of pay as their fellow male co-workers. How are Hispanic women supposed to be encouraged to apply to any program if the salary is different based on their ethnicity? If two people are doing the same exact job then why should gender or ethnicity determine your paycheck? The only factor that should play a part in someone’s salary should be the effort they put into their work.

Why do people believe it’s okay to pay Hispanic women less? Some articles I have read mentioned that most Hispanic women working are immigrants, and they deserve to get paid less. I understand why women, who aren’t originally from this country, get paid less; however, not all Hispanic women are immigrants. If you are a citizen then you should at least get paid the same amount of money as the rest of your co-workers. Fortunately, there are laws that allow people to file a lawsuit against the company they are working for, if there are discrepancies regarding their paychecks. So if laws exist that aid those who suffer from discriminatory paychecks, then why is the Hispanic wage gap still an issue?

We are all hard workers, but unfortunaelty we get paid based on our ethnicity. LatinaFeminism
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