Humanity is still Alive (Women With The Stolen Purse)

Today morning I was traveling in a cab towards my work place and at the signal all the vehicles stopped. There was a yellow and green three wheeler “Auto” just in front of my cab who was carrying two ladies.

All of the sudden a man who seemed like half drunk came floating on his foot steps and snatched the purse of one of the lady from that auto and ran towards the other side of the road where the traffic was coming towards him.

While running he fell down and was about to get killed by a bus but was saved somehow by luck as the bus moved and turned it’s way!

The lady was shouting by the time but since the auto started moving she couldn’t get out of the auto. When the man who now became the theif when reached the other end of the road was caught by a nobel man and then other people too started coming to catch the theif and rescue the pursue.

It took about less than 2 mins for the theif to leave the purse and run. The lady got her purse back. Then I noticed that there was a police man standing and looking at the whole incident but he was doing nothing about it. When I looked at his face it showed as if he wasn’t even cared about what was happening.

Where the law which was made to help the women with the stolen purse didn’t help her, there humanity did !

P.S. We are born to help each other and live a happy life!

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