Communication in the Workplace: Pay Transparency

Learning more about leadership and communication in the workplace has been interesting. Open verses closed lines of communication between managment and employees is becoming a more and more prevalent topic. After many cases like the Enron scandal (2001), it seems like there has been a growing dialogue about transparency. U.S. corporations are still very secretive, if not entirely closed-off, in regards to how and where money is made and spent. However, many are saying the Millennial Generation is drawn toward greater transparency in the workplace.

Pres. Obama signed new legislation which aims to outlaw companies from penalizing employees for discussing their pay with co-workers. Having open lines of communication about pay scales can help to correct unfair wages. The “glass ceiling” and the “glass escalator”, terms for the disadvantages of females and minorities & the advantages of white males in our workforce, are perpetuated by organizations who have a culture of closed communication and discourage dialogue about pay & benefits amongst employees in the same positions. Making mandatory silence about wages illegal is a good starting point, but corporate culture will have to shift a great deal for us to truly strive for transparency.

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