How ISIS is Using Social Media

I never would have thought a terrorist organization would (or could) use social media. Apparently, it is an intricate part of the ISIS terrorist group and their communication. J.M. Beregr of The Atlantic just released a story, “How ISIS Games Twitter”, which describes some of the group’s (terrifyingly effective) methods of not only using, but manipulating social media. ISIS employs the online world for, “the Three R’s: Recruit, Radicalize & Raise funds”, Berger explains. ISIS has developed their own app, called Dawn, which spreads it’s organized messages to users.

How are they manipulating Twitter? Well, they are fully aware of Twitter’s spam algorithms and other security measures so they have developed their own way of releasing tweets and hashtags without immediate detection. They also notify their members of what time intervals to release re-tweets and hashtags so as to get them on the daily “trending” lists. They are not hacking twitter or coding viruses (that we know of), they are simply using “social loopholes”. The group is displaying sophisticated organizational communication. Their social media appears to be structured better than many companies or even our governments. What I mean is, they are taking full advantage of social media, but are we? We should be using the internet against them, to isolate them, to stop them. It seems like they are a step-ahead, and we should be working tirelessly to get ahead of this thing!