Attorney Thoran Towler, 36, dedicates his career to making sure the rule of law stands for everyone.

The path was not always easy as Towler juggled different ideas in his mind growing up. But law connected eventually, “I liked researching to find solutions and working through the law to help people achieve their goals” Towler explained.

Towler’s morning consisted of preparing for a wrongful termination case. He will be defending the employer after they have been sued by a former employee on the grounds of alleged wrongful discharge.

Long nights and early mornings at the firm require tons of store-bought energy.

Towler’s workload never really comes to an end as more often than not he is emailing clients throughout the night and on every holiday.

Towler aspires to be a judge in his future, but as of right now he is young and still has plenty of work to do.

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