5 Aspects of Interior Design

Many people think Interior Design is just buying home decor from Target, Home Goods or Ikea and just decorating a room, but there’s a lot more to it. The five critical aspects of Interior Design are balance, emphasis, unity, proportion and movement. Balance is the way the room’s weight is distributed. Too many objects on one side of the room may make it appear off-balance. Interior designers consider whether to use radial, symmetrical, or asymmetrical balance when they are designing the space. Emphasis is also known as the focal point of a space. This is important because this is the part of the room where people will be naturally drawn to. Unity is the aspect that ties the entire room together. In some cases, the designer may use repetition in various elements, like patterns or colors. The proportion of everything inside the room is important because it can make some things seem too large or too small for the space. Movement can occur in two ways. First, the designers look at the way the eye naturally moves around the room. Then there is also the factor of physical movement in the room. Is there too much furniture for the space?