Pep Talk to Myself

The mindset that allows me to move forward.

“Sunset at the Beach” — Taken By Me

We are our own creators. Every single day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday, and what I do today will forever change my tomorrow. I deserve to give myself the best chance. Maybe others could not give me what I wanted because somehow along the way I’d figure out that I was just as capable of giving it to myself. If that is the case, then I am limitless. Boundaries and limitations are a construction of the mind.

I’ve lived in bittersweet days, and I’ve watched the flame inside my eyes suffocate with insecurity and uncertainty. I’ve watched my silhouette morph into someone I never knew I was capable of being : a monster who fed on the idea that her life was not in her hands. I am far from the girl I once was. I no longer settle for less than what I know I deserve.

It is this “fire” in my eyes that motivate me to fight every single day. The everlasting vision of the woman I will someday become is what ignites passion in every single thing I pursue. My life is in my own hands. I lost compassion for “what ifs”, and excuses that I made up for myself.

You are in more control than you think.