Professional Surveillance Service

Ramsey Investigation Services International provide the best surveillance services to South Australia. Our team of investigators has been employed by many private clients within South Australia and we have developed an extensive volume of experience, skills and knowledge about Professional Surveillance. We understand that the marketplace is ever changing, resulting in new technologies consistently being introduced. With this understanding, we have been able to minimise the amount of detection. We employ many of the technological advances into our investigations as a way of increasing the overall success of the results. Throughout the entire process, our private investigators will act in the most discrete way possible. They have a keen eye for detail when investigating. As a result, we will be able to expose your subject and reclaim peace of mind.

The Process of Surveillance

Ramsey Investigation Services International understand the potential issues of conducting surveillance of an individual. We respect that time is of the essence. Surveillance is the observation, attaining of footage and documentation of a given individual over a specific period of time. The team of private investigators here as Ramsey Investigation Services International, have the ability to monitor homes, locations considered to be remote, small and large businesses, family, friends and partners of a client. At the beginning of the process, we will gather all the information from you that we can and from there we will determine the best types of service for you. Following this brief, we will begin to conduct the investigation. First of all, this may include the taking of photographs, recordings such as video or audio and overall monitoring their activities. Finally, our investigators will assemble this information into detailed report/s and present them to you.