Are we vulnerable as a nation?

Like many of us, I am troubled to see my fellowmen losing lives so cheaply. I am troubled; I am saddened- each night my heart weighs upon me like a shattered piece. It begs me of its peace, of its humility, of its closet to uplift the heaviness. I am distressed sometimes too much, by our catastrophes, by our failures — collectively, as a nation, as one unit.

What saddens me my distinct feeling won’t do anything. No matter how and what I carry inside me — how much care and love, I might hold in my heart — this will do nothing if other people are not willing to take or absorb. We as a nation have become unreasonable, irrational, immune in our existences. One must be ushered by other, something to uplift sorrowful hearts, heavy burdens from soul.

Terrorism is not new in Pakistan, but recent attack was sickening, it was appalling to its core. Even though, most of us are so immune and blank that we no longer feel. Despite it still hurts, even I’m so far away and distant — I am traumatised, I can’t think of how distress it will be back home. It doesn’t permit me to be in peace. These thoughts torture me and keep in its arms like a possessed man. Most of us are losing the path, distracting ourselves with irrelevant and petty issues that shouldn’t exist in a first place.

The problem with my countrymen is they don’t bother about anything — there is no care whatsoever for anyone. It is our inhumane behaviour, and ridiculous manners –we as a nation have become so insensitive, or maybe we always have been like this that it no longer affects us. We somewhat don’t bother about each other, for each other. Whether others are living or dying, suffering or happy, it matters to nobody –it concerns none. This is the outcome! The worst is when somebody who does, they are repeatedly intimidated by people around. This is the nastiest occurrence in anybody’s reason.

I don’t intent to be rude, outrageous or impertinent, but the lack of respect for each other is our cultural trait. There is nothing of civilization, refinement and cultured-ness in our system, from elite to poor, from influential to poor- I don’t see or have noticed any civility in our blood. This is what always have disturbed me, -and effected. In many ways, directly and indirectly.

The elimination of emotions, against so many desires and with ideas of recognition and succession; it has somewhat killed our sense of individuality and our humanity within us. We are guided by our fears, insecurities, agitations, imitations — and most importantly by our evilness. The present is a perfect picture, a perfect portrayal of who we are as a nation, as a people. I don’t mean to be harsh, but to inhabit and solve anything — the will and resolve is required always. Which I am sorry we don’t possess it.

We are separated by our regrets, expectations, hope — we hope without any action, we regret without lessons, we like to expect without giving input. This is how it is, and has been. We are running in extreme matters, fanatic views, and senseless ideologies, illustrated by our insane actions. I am not alone in this thinking — there would be many people who are shattered in their hopes and existences.

The care defines us; it reflects our inner grip and our wisdom to capture the real picture of humanity. The sadness is we always have been hesitant, as if it will cease our existence. Or maybe it already had! For certain it has. The outcome is our inhumane, shameless cruel actions — which is reflecting us. While one cares, it means to ask for wounds. Aren’t we already wounded, as a nation? Why not to heal ourselves with little humanity? Is this too difficult, too align of a thought?

As far as I know — we are left with our shattered-ness, tiredness and inconsolable thoughts — I don’t know when it will heal, but I hope it eventually does. We should allow each other’s experiences, insights and thoughts to grow and expand ourselves — and let each other create a meaningful difference in our lives. We must learn to understand roots of our miseries, heartaches, our losses — we must and should console each other. It is never too late to do anything, as we should always remember the basic and the foremost principles of being a human. We, at the end are all human — needing to be loved, needing to be consoled — we ourselves can console each other, none else will or shall!