Do we practice what we promise?

Man is believed to be known by the promises he keep, if he or she is not able to fulfill his promises. It is very less likely that he will enjoy the trust of others. I believe being trusted is more important than being loved. It is sad, people most of the time does not keep up with their words as they backfire on what they promise and beliefs that make other hopeful about.

I encountered people who would speak without accountability and generally void of any meaning. We are all affected by the bitterness of life and superficiality of relations nowadays; it however does not take us farther from our ethics and behavior’s supremacy. One of the things I felt in this year was the shallowness of people’s promises, empty and void existences, lack of character and imaginary vision. Imagination does matter, it mattered to Einstein also! He was right, to have an intelligent mind and to lead an intelligent life — reading fairy tales is very essential, so it is for an innovation to have an imaginative head on your shoulder.

I feel disrupted when people attack personally, it specifically hurt a great deal if we had personal attachment with such people who fail to appreciate and admire the loyalty you had to offer. It fills my heart with remorse, desolation and dismay emotions which is not constructed by its own sewing but rather collective experiences with people of such conducts. The notable thing is why do they promise if they can’t fulfill and abide by words, ideas, thoughts and emotions? Why do we even care to submit ourselves with empty, void and shallow words that hurt other people’s feeling and emotions? The general convict by people is seeing by the admirers, collective ideas and practices, ideologies and missions, resentment towards lack of authority between greed and of its related sentiments.

Life is all about trust, trusting and being trusted. If people can’t trust you, who in prior trusted you –it is a moment to worry and feel sorry about. One of the things I promise myself is to fulfill myself with my words, I respect my words or else I must keep up with my silence and solitude. The fakeness of relations and words haunt me like a nightmare! I can’t stand people who are too shallow as a character, who lack vision and volume in their actions for whatever reasons and for whichever meaning. We are bound to help, assist and love each other — indifference and lack of trust for each other does not help but drown our life’s spark.

Another notable thing is everybody wants a change but fail to change their own selves. They fail to tie their thoughts with words and so with actions. The abiding of one’s word is a soulful reflection of one’s character and existence. There are many lessons in 2014, there are many mistakes — one thing I must be is to remain truthful, loyal and honest with my own self at all the times. There are too many people who lie, manipulate and fail to appreciate beauty of sincerity, loyalty and honesty of relations — as I don’t see myself counting and adding the number, but to stand there where it matters and make a difference. I particularly can’t stand indifference, people without compassion and human values. I despise people lack warmth and ethicity of moral chains and compassion. These are needed, by all of us, in all the times. But most people, in our times fail to be as they continue to struggle between their personal angst and crisis with the on-going moral crisis. Warmth and compassion must be shown at every way, at every channel, at every mode—because we all need it.

As we are the symbols of hope, love and affection; filled with empathy and great sincerity—if we can’t convey such messages and meanings with our existences and actions, it is better not to propagate anything at all!

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