Matters that should matter

Having a conscience is a thing to be cautious of in a society where there is no conscience alive’’

Imagine a society who is blind at the same time deaf, and mute. Where the basic principles of life's are at stake.

The economic and social well-being are founded on moral grounds that offer maximum utility to an individual who’s searching for his divine purpose of existence.

To have a purpose of life is essential in ones life and to serve that purpose is the meaning of life.

Certainly it’s not seeming right for us..

In the new way the best way is to criticise and make fun of other’s who even are trying lose hope in order to avoid failure, embarrassment. To fill the gap, we join the clan of majority- shout out the slogans that mostly carry resentment towards each other. And we do it, most of the time without realizing consequences.

Sad point is we do it without knowing, without realizing what and how much the consequences can be. We utter without any defined limits, parameters and boundaries that could have deep imprints on other’s mind. It’s easy to pass judgements and label without altering the fixed variables. We keep our mind constant most of our lives, letting be dependent of other’s thoughts without any well-thought line.

Our economy has gone back and it continue to limp- in circumstances of these, no crisis can be coped. Forecasting is a luxury, to cope with forthcoming crisis is a thing hard to imagine in given time. Brain drain will go up and up; the frailing figures of hope seriously endangered

Future is fragile- vulnerable and weak. I am not pessimistic, looking at on-going trend and previously’s fair enough to speak one’s mind. A serious threat to this society, when its residuals cease to value human lives..the pillars of their mentality stand upon are of without values or morality.

I believe people with sense of individuality are better and are likely to suffer more in a time where nobody value the basic line of humanity. They are less likely be proned to do wrong and bring harm, as compared to those who've nothing of their own to lose or have.

But if you had and you lost, consider yourself a loser- at a losing end. Be it an idea, a thought, an emotion, or even an individual who believed in you. Sadly we cease to possess integrity, righteous and openness. Its almost a characterless community.

“Truly empowered are the societies who equip themselves with knowledge of how-to do instead intervening why-to do”

Mentor-ship is very important in order to motivate people and individuals. We don’t do it instead we ensure we do opposite of it. Our productivity has been deeply affected due to never-ending crisis, criticisms and interferences.

How do we cope with these things?

Traditionally, I still believe honesty is still the best policy. Although its price is unbearably high, can leave an unimaginable wounds. Perhaps you might never recover from it.

Despite that, I still think it does make a difference. If not to majority, but at least to few. If you were able to influence, even a one..consider it as a sign of strength, a victory. Don’t bargain it with pride- rather a sense of more responsibility.

Old and New policies don’t matter unless the practical approach to implement stay constant. It’s also vital to bring old experiences back into the loop in order to practically serve the purpose.

The need to have how-to do is a sign of growth in one’s mind, and soul. To see what it be-gets, we need to feed it into our system night and day- in order to deliver the best results.

My problem stay same- are we moving ahead or going backwards. If we are going backwards, what stops us from admitting? While we know everything, what makes us so stiff, so arrogant towards each other? If there were no problems, than why the value of human lives diminished so below?

To ask and to answer at the same time is a dangerous thing- a mind’s the most fatal disease. How to cure it?

I still don’t get this..or perhaps the large proportion of our lives will be spent without thinking ..too anxious to think of anything that carry any use, productivity or any of value..

Outcome of having values, morality is same to all of us, be it for west or east..the value of human lives are of equally importance, be it rich or poor.

It’s only a matter of perception and idea’s that we somewhat are too afraid to worry about.

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