Thoughts in our minds

We keep the whole process of jewels of thoughts coming with us, it is necessity to bargain oneself with thought-provoking seeking. It is true to an extent if any of the trueness goes missing makes a life hard living. We are all creatures under one sky, walking on an earth with splendour.

We are looking somewhere while going on the road; we are all lost while trying to seek a destination.How many kinds if we meet with a sincerity; how many thoughts we be get while living a one. Where do we pour ourself in utter fascination of mind’s and soul serving matters. Its human to touch, it is incredible to feel down the very vein circulation in our flesh.

While we are asked whether will we stay or go ahead— our hearts burst into tears that we cannot cry apparently. Those tears are not seen, those tears are not felt— these are only captivated in jewel’s box while we remember in our solitary times.

Down in the road, we seek to capture the beauty of life's surrounding with where we take pleasure of our in’s and outs. Do you seek to capitalize what you believe, what you seek what you feel. Drunk with joy of living, feeling a life we don’t express— the joys and sadness of kinships that we experience, it is hard to speak while singing songs of lost and gone.

In our youths we benign with so much experiences; coupling with sadness, joys and pleasures; and madness that we realize only once time goes by quickly. We are all human with our humanity missing; deep where we feel are still there—- that we try to put on aggressively; to put other’s at bay.

May or may not I am able to seek with all the mercy of my passions, with lying of bareness of my soul residing in me. We are all blind in pursuing our pleasures that we take our mistakes as covering sheets so to avoid the coldness.

Trying to speak with truth, sincerity and hope; we all hold something and someone close to our hearts. We see beauty, hidden with our darkness of hearts— to pick up the pleasures; to dance away all the sorrows containing in our chest. it’s a final cause to pick up the best one’s amongst the decaying ones. It is lonely, it is seeking, it is believing to having believed so much—- while your truth still lingers on.

If you hear your mind, you will know what stays in there—- if you hear your words spoken by your mouth— you will feel how it feels when others hear it with their hearts. How do we take it so unconsciously with all our bondings, our closeness. don’t we say it at all; don't we need it at all?

where to put your beliefs when there’s so much of thought-processing without much of thought? Is it insane to be in a state of denial that puts you under havoc— we tend to overlook; yet we are overwhelmed with the beauty existing in our little mind’s thunder— we stay awake, we stay engrossed in the fragments of our own self-occupying matters. Why do we forget others while they are still with us, riding the same road— in somewhat more disastrous road.

We are all kept with our mind’s thoughts; we must escape to escape human loneliness— to hide away the disappointments, to conceal our emptiness— the loners are not lonely by choice- their disappointments lead them towards to the section of unoccupant

Thoughts does you rising up with the spirits hovering around; while these are still dreadful within— coming to block up our seeking. The intensity of our wounds grow wide while we take on a road of living— we stay closer to none, we are forgotten by our lost promises. Believing someday our peace will outshine us with the fragments of seeking.

We are all considered to be lost ones’ not necessarily we agree, we are unbeaten in our beaten souls. We seek with our thoughts to alter the minds, we think to speak our heart’s lost glory that we miss while living a life closing to the end.

It is must to remember our human soul’s in order to be remembered fondly with time’s quick passing by to revive our heart with beauty of kins. We are liked by our likings of thoughts; we are disliked by our disliking of heart’s— of actions that we do, of words we utter; not knowing how and to what extent it causes us damage— our thoughts in mind goes on and on; sometimes it’s overcrowded and sometimes it’s less likely to affect. In our seeking we feel what we truly feel.

Human mind perhaps asks too many questions; within exists the answers that we forget to pick. While we realize, we are overwhelmed by the intensity of its residings.

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