A bottle of Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation with discoloration, Maybelline Fiy Me foundation batch codes & expiration jars.
A bottle of Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation with discoloration, Maybelline Fiy Me foundation batch codes & expiration jars.

What to do when your newly purchased makeup is expired, discolored, has mold, or smells weird. Also, ways to find out when your makeup expires.

In this video, you’ll learn about how to—and why you should—report expired, discolored, contaminated, or acne-causing makeup to the FDA.

This all came about after I purchased Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation from Target (and eventually Ulta) and it arrived with an odd-looking substance inside the bottle. When I notified Pacifica about the issue, they kindly sent another bottle… but that one had the same issue. …

For years, I never used to understand it when people said things like “happiness is a choice”. But in the last couple of years, I have learned how completely true that statement is. Happiness is a choice.

Choosing to be “happy” or even “content” does not mean you’re also choosing to “settle” in life for where you currently are or what you have. You can still pursue your dreams, have goals, and accomplish things. Part of choosing to be happy is how you allow certain situations or people to affect you. …

An easy workaround to replace audio clips that have already been cut/split on the timeline with edited audio from Adobe Audition (or someplace else).

I searched too many times for a quick “master replace” fix for this issue and apparently it doesn’t exist, but I did figure out an easy way to workaround this problem. I’ll try to explain this as clearly as possible. So here it goes…


“Bad” clip = Unedited, cut up audio clips in the Sequence Timeline.

“Good” clip = Clean/Edited audio that we want to replace the Bad clips with.

“Master” = the main video/audio source…

Learn lettering the easy way. And so much more!

Hello lettering-lovers! Have you become obsessed with lettering? Are you just getting started, but don’t know how or where to begin? Are you a lettering artist, hoping to improve your lettering skills? Would you like to speed up your lettering process? Want to know how to create a custom Photoshop brush specifically for lettering? Would you like to learn lettering?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are in luck because there’s a class for that! ^_^

I finally tested out the Timelapse feature in the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app while creating an abstract painting with my new Texture Brush Pack. Here’s a quick review from a Digital Artist. ⬇️ ^_^

After exporting my video from Adobe PhotoshopSketch, I noticed that the video does not record or export as a high-resolution video like Procreate does. There isn’t even an option to choose a type of resolution (like Procreate). I guess this is turning more into a comparison review, but that’s ok. …

8/13/18 • 9:35am

A message I wrote this morning to the members of a FB group I’m a part of:

Yesterday, I found myself feeling a little discouraged to continue with making online classes, but then I watched one of my previous Skillshare classes to see if this feeling or thought was true.

Turns out, it wasn’t.

After watching my class, I was reminded about how much I had enjoyed creating it and the discussions I had with students, and the overall joy I get when I’m helping someone in some way.

I just wanted to say to everyone: If…

A quick view of my lettering and illustration (doodle) process when using the Adobe Sketch app on my iPad Pro.

This iPad Lettering video is a quick look at my drawing process — from start to finish — when using my new Digital-Ink Lettering Brushes in the Adobe Sketch app with my iPad Pro & Apple Pencil.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I LOVE photoshop-lettering, which is why I created this brush set for Photoshop and the Adobe Sketch app. I hope you’ll try them out because they are so fun to play with (plus, you’ll be supporting me as an artist—which is always greatly appreciated)! https://gum.co/jlhbrush

Happy Lettering!

—Jasmine Lové

I just wanted to share an excerpt from a great little book I read two years ago called, Manage Your Day-To-Day, by 99U.com. It’s filled with interviews and insights from writers, designers, and other creative leaders. I definitely recommend reading it.

The excerpt I want to share is from one of my favorite passages in this book, titled, “Harnessing The Power of Frequency” by Gretchen Rubin.

It reads:

Frequency makes starting easier. Getting started is always a challenge. It’s hard to start a project from scratch, and it’s also hard each time you re-enter a project after a break. By…

How to fix your painful workstation.

Allow me to tell you why I say so…

I spend a lot of time at my desk. I write in the mornings. I draw in the afternoons. I create & design for hours and hours in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. In-between all of that, I try to remember to take breaks.

Usually for me, sitting for long periods of time isn’t really an issue as long as I take proper breaks and continue to practice yoga regularly. But this year was a bit different.

After moving from one place to another, my old Mainstays desk and chair had gotten…

Jasmine Lové

Illustrator. Designer. Optimist.

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