UX Design in Real Life

The best definition I’ve seen for UX Design comes from Jesse James Garrett:

“Experience design is the design of anything, independent of medium or across media, with human experience as an explicit outcome and human engagement as an explicit goal.”

My first encounter with UX design was a while ago while I was doing some research for a personal side project. At the time I was a practicing nutritionist specializes in working with busy professional women. From time to time I’ve noticed that some of my clients were struggling to keep up with their dietary plans while juggling with their busy working schedules. Naturally I started thinking of what I can do to improve my clientele’s success rate.

After speaking with other wellness practitioners (nutritionists, naturopathic doctors) I realized that merely designing a great treatment plan is not enough. The plan has to be tangible and convenient for the clients/users to follow through to be able to benefit from it.

“User experience is the practice of ensuring people’s needs are met before, during, and after product development. It’s about making stuff easier for people to use.” — Erik Levitch UX Consultant at Erik Levitch Consulting

I started asking myself couple questions such as:

“What can we do to better help our clients stay on track of their dietary plan? What would make their lives a lot easier?”
“If I were a busy working professional looking to eat healthier, what would I want?”
“Who are my targeting clients and what would they need?”

I initially wanted to create a system to better support the clients staying on track of their dietary plan after meeting with their health practitioners. By asking myself these questions had helped me to shape the foundation for my system flow.

Through extensive research and talking to clients, it seems that most people are looking for quick and convenient solutions that could easily be implemented into their original lifestyle. Therefore the idea of an organic meal delivery service was born. The service focuses on delivering ready-to-eat organic healthy meals to client’s door steps. Meals are not only organic and nutritionally-balanced, they could also be tailored to client’s individual dietary needs as well. Clients have options to order the service directly through the website or have their healthcare practitioner do it for them instead.

“People are always in the middle of something. Living their lives, working on projects, building towards a goal they have. The UX Designer has to anticipate user behavior when they interact with a product, and how that interaction fits into their goals.”

To me UX exists in everyday life. It is about developing an awareness to spot problems and glitches through day to day life and to come up with tangible solutions with user’s needs in mind. At its heart, UX design is about effectively addressing the needs and circumstances of your users, to produce an interface that is comfortable and even joyful to use.

Functionality + Usability = Good Experience