Black History should come from Black Scholars… Not White Ones

Jasmine Monet X
Feb 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Black history month is approaching and black people are once again faced with recognizing the same black faces permitted by White Supremacy. These faces include: Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglas. Many are slaves, Civil Rights Leaders that were killed on the road to justice, and most importantly passivists. Black people who chose to “turn the other cheek” on their road to freedom, one time too many. This has white supremacy written all over it.

Since the dawn of time, white supremacists have gone out of their way to make our leaders seem less than either a free slave or a dead martyr that eventually decided upon assimilation. Neither of which I as a black person would like to see myself as. Don’t get me wrong, I respect and pay homage to my ancestors, but this is makes black history seem like a constant struggle of a lesser than people. When this is simply NOT THE TRUTH.

Here is why it is important for black history to purely come from a point of black scholars:

Black people have many great scholars such as Henry Clarke, Amos Wilson, Frances Welsing, Dr. Hare, Tariq Nasheed, Professor Griff, and many others who when speaking of black history start from the beginning, just as white history starts with theirs. Often times, these beginning start in Africa with a primary focus on empires filled with gold, pyramids, and a spirituality that would later become the blueprint for every religion and spiritual practice in the world. These scholars discuss Kemet (Egypt, the Moors, Mali, Congo, and the various African empires that dominated the world thousands of years before slavery. Black Scholars tell of black people starting the first University for mathematics and science, and even going to Europe to teach white Europeans about sanitation and bathing. Black Scholars start from the roots of rise and fall to the modern rise and fall. Hence, the African representation for the diaspora that eventually took place.

In order get a broader scope on black lineage and African American history, we need to hear the knowledge of black ancestors and black scholars. Not the watered down B.S. taught in schools.

We need to hear about the Nat Turner’s who united with a group of black male slaves and slaughered nearly 50 families white slave masters. Who said no more to oppressions and whose threat led to mass slave rebellions which was the real reason Abraham Lincoln “freed the slaves”. We need to hear the truth… Truth does not come from influence of white supremacy, the truth must come through us black people, black scholars. We have our own leaders and our own voice. No one knows black truth, the way black ancestors and black scholars do. It is time for us to takeover not only black historical education for February, but also curriculum in schools. It is time for black scholars to be heard, respected, and appreciated just as we do white scholars who “allowed for this month” to take place. We must demand and seek out black scholars when wanting to learn more about black people and black history. Black history must be taught from black people in order to get the truth.


Jasmine Monet X

Written by

25, African American woman. Filled with sass and a whole lot of fight. Currently rediscovering self and owning up to my short comings in creating change. Peace

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