The Letters I Never Sent

Love that litters.

The imagined future holds so much. It’s intoxicating.

I think of how we will be. How it feels when you hold me. Will we ever have the chance to take that for granted? To touch, to communicate in that unspoken way, so much more effective than words.

I can unveil so much when I put my hand to your heart. When I can “feel” what you don’t want to, or can’t tell me.

Apart from you, the words unspoken have to no way to reach me. They linger in the space between us, it’s too far for me to even know they exist…

Do you think, they fall on some person somewhere in the middle of the distance that holds us apart? Do you think they, then, feel that love, that frustration, that desire? Are they confused as to where such intensity comes from? Who it is meant for? What it means?

Do you think that’s why we seek love? Because at some point, somewhere, there were two people, who could not be together…and their unspoken words, their feelings, fell on us (in-between) like a light snow. Melting into our skin, like an appetizer of the future.

Is it that taste, that ephemeral discovery, that sets us out to find where it’s coming from? Who was it meant for? Will we ever have someone intend it for us? Will we have the chance, the luck, to have our intended hit its mark?

Do you think that if we’re able to sustain our love, so far apart, that we will eventually fill the space between us? Like soft snow storm, blocking out the sun, but creating it’s own kind of beauty and surreal world? Could we fill the space between us with the storm of our feelings? Would it change everyone it fell upon?

Will they then finally build that bridge? So that once again, without my hand on your heart, I am able to “feel” all the unspoken words you don’t want to, or can’t tell me.

The imagined love, that imagined future holds so much. It’s intoxicating.

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