Lessons in Love (Hunger Pains)


Where are you, Who are you
My Heart Feels Pain
Emptiness, No Gain
Do You have a Name?
Am I to Blame?
The Lesson Here is Called Love

Love is for Suckers you Say

Well I’m that Sucka Today

Waiting for that Time 
When I’ll be Ok
Waiting for that moment
When a Kiss Lasts a Lifetime
Waiting for that Person
That I can call Mine
Tend to Give Alot
Only Get Back a Little
Love is a Gamble
And I’m Stuck in the Middle
Do I Step back and be Alone
Or just Dive Head First
Is There even that Person
That can Quench my Thirst
Loves Lessons well Learned
Neverending Education
My Heart Still Burned
Unsatisfied wih