Wake Up, Log In and Type

A letter to the depressed

Always seeking your own happiness within others. Letting words and actions control you. Overthinking the same thought over and over. Picking apart every detail from something that went wrong. Doubting your goals. Sleepy, always tired. Your mind is exhausted so your body follows. Not seeing the joy in the sunshine or scared to come outside to feel the warmth. What really is self-love? and how do you fully achieve it. Don’t think it’s a fully achievable thing. Have to take the good with the bad and still be grateful for the hardships.

This time around I’m catching myself fall. The biggest sign is fatigue. Lack of motivation. Falling behind on my own personal goals. Just kinda coasting along this thing called life and just keeping my head above water. It’s such an easy thing to do but why? Why is it so easy to go backwards yet so damn hard to move even one step forwards?

This letter is to myself and anyone else that feels in this sunken place. Feeling guilty for being in the place you are in life. Knowing your potential but having the hardest time putting the first step forward. As a mother I have two little humans that depend on me. The question I have to ask myself is what happens when I fail? What happens when I just exist and not live. I have enough regret that I have to let go of and adding more to the pile can not be an option anymore.

So today I’m rethinking what makes me happy. Do not want to seek validation from my employer, a man, the world period. I have 2 little humans that will view the world as I see it. With that being said I have to view myself and the world with a different lens.

I am beautiful, I am kind, I am worthy!

I am beautiful, I am kind, I am worthy!

One of the things I’ve let go was writing. Writing for me is important. Expressing my feelings in this form even if a single soul doesn’t read it allows me to accept and send it away. Get it off my chest!

If you have ever been able to stop digging your hole of destructive and have any advice that worked for you I’d love to hear it. Just writing this short rant of emotions makes me take that step in the right direction.

Keep writing and keep reading my fellow bloggers

This site inspires me all I needed was to log in and type!