Inquiry Questions

-What are some of the reasons behind bullying?

After having researched on this topic I have came across several points of why some people may bully others, such as having several issues build up emotionally and finding out that they take it out by bullying others. When some people bully it gives them a sort of satisfaction letting them seem like they are better than the other person, making them feel superior to them. By putting people down and attacking them they seem as if all their problems are gone for a second and actually feel good about themselves because they are not the ones being put down at the moment. Not having any attention at home can also lead to bullying in a sense that they are seen as being feared and they are seeking for attention somewhere but just finding it in the wrong place the wrong way.

I am interested in this question because I feel like there is so much to it, there is no one answer. Many people go through different things in life and everyone just takes different tolls. Does having a bad life at home really cause the bullying to happen? Or do they just see it as being something fun and think that it causes no harm? I am interested in hearing different peoples opinion and see this question in different points of views. I think readers should be interested in this question as well because since it is such a big issue going on I think it will better help them understand why it goes on and maybe they could find a way to get to the bottom of it for different people and help stop it and make a difference.

-If we talk to bullies with sympathy and get them to talk about their problems will it get them to stop?

Like I said before people take different tolls in different situations most of the time and not everyone works the same way. I feel like not everyone will respond well to the fact that they are being felt bad for so they might take it as offensive and come off even worse. Others might need that attention and is what they have been looking for, for someone to care and ask about how they are doing and what is going on so it may cause them to stop. Maybe instead of having sympathy or showing it, talk to them regular as if they were your friend and communicate to get to know more about whats causing them to take these actions and give them advice and be a friend that they know they can count on.

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