Life Changing Programs

When people hear the world “bullying” they automatically think of physical violence of pushing and shoving, but in reality there is much more to bullying than just getting physical. There is cyber bullying, social alienation, verbal bullying, etc., all of this usually happens in schools and more schools should be open to the option of creating anti bullying programs. Students can take different tolls from not wanting to go to school to committing suicide, the majority of suicides happen when students have no one to reach out to and no one gets to know what is really going on with them in their lives. This is truly heartbreaking to me because I always try to find a way of how to become a better person by helping others and if suicidal thoughts happen amongst my peers, it makes me want to try to find new ways of how they can open up and talk about anything that is going on with them. Schools should be more aware of this problem and seek ways to include programs and maybe guest speakers to their campus to make students know and feel like there is someone there that is always there to listen to them.

The high school I used to attend had a program called Safe School Ambassadors, this program not only allowed to train people as ambassadors to make the school a safe place and make a change in others people’s lives, but in our own lives as well. “Safe School Ambassadors program is an “inside-out” approach to improving school climate, one that relies on social norms change and the power of students to help stop bullying and violence.”- Community Matters. This program was a real life changer and became so successful it is now found in many different locations in a short amount of time. “Since 2000, this field-tested and evidence-based model has equipped over 52,000 4–12th grade students in over 1,400 schools in 32 states, 2 Canadian provinces, Guam and Puerto Rico with the communication and intervention skills to prevent and stop emotional and physical bullying and improve school climate.”- Community Matters. It allowed people to become aware of conflicts that students may be going through and got together as a school once a year to have the opportunity to come out and express themselves freely without anyone judging.

This program changed many people’s life including mine, to a point where you wouldn’t know where half the people that participated would be at right now. Students keep so much to themselves that you never know what goes on in their mind and what their thoughts may be such as wanting to murder someone, shoot up a school, or wanting to commit suicide. This program helps in the sense that they feel like they have someone there who is ready to listen and look out for them by providing the best advice. “This program gives student Ambassadors the motivation and skills to resolve conflicts, defuse incidents, and support isolated and excluded students”- Community Matters. It changed my life because I feel like I have become a better person by listening to others and being able to notice when something wrong is going on. I have learned skills that have made me become more aware of what is happening and I feel like I know how to approach a problem more effectively and help others not be isolated.

In having said all this, schools should broaden their thoughts on allowing programs to develop in schools like the one I have just talked about. Safe School Ambassadors has changed people’s lives by being able to reach out to a group of people that care about what they are going through and can teach them how to approach the problem now effectively because the people who are involved in the group are truly interested and want to make a change. Any little thing can change a person’s life in just a matter of seconds and the possibility is even greater when they know where to go or who to reach out to, because no human being deserves to feel alone in this world.