Sometimes the beginning of life is the scariest.

Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash

“She’s tach-ing, she’s tach-ing.” The monitor showed my heart rate rising above 138 and his dropping from 70 to 50. I could actually feel my heart beating out of my chest and him kicking to come out.

It took 25 hours, an epidural, and 3 rounds of Pitocin, but I was finally fully dilated — but they still chose to cut me open. They said his cord was wrapped, but I never believed it.

I could feel her hand in my abdomen. I could feel all the pressure of her tearing through…

Jasmin Haffees

Hey, there! I’m Jasmin, and I’m starting my journey into the great abyss as a freelance writer/editor. Feel free to read and reach out!

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