“Game in a box”-Workhsop @BITS & PRETZELS 2017

Jasmin Karatas
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read

On the Sept, 25th — 27th, the Bits & Pretzels took place — it was amazing being part of it, especially deliver two “Gamification in a box”-Workshops. I met a lot of wonderful and interesting people, like Jan Heitmann, Rüdiger Linhof, Mona Meyer, Daniel Odoj, Edmund Frey and many more, which would be a lot to write down here.

It was fun, insightful and I as well learned a lot from you guys and girls — what you took our of the workshop. I hope you as well learned something, that you could take away with you.

Attached you will find my presentation and a small explanation on the my method and cards I created:

I was blasted by one StartUp — Medineering! They developed a medical robot arm — and I felt in love with it…

Find some insights from others:

Originally published at Jasmin Deniz Karatas.

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    I love designing processes — passionated about Gamification, Startegic Design and thinking forward.

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